How to wear a leather trench?

9 October 2018


Do you remember my leather trench? I wore it already with blue jeans in my “leather trench and pumps“. Like what you need to change a small accessory (shoes for example :)) and we can totally transform a look!

But you may be wondering how to wear a leather trench? First of all, this trench is very soft brown leather, I bought it in the freepstar clothes shop in Paris.

Since with this trench coat, I realized several looks that you can find in my fashion blog but I do not get tired … You should know that a leather trench is expensive, that’s why I took the second hand. It cost me only 30 euros for a room in this exceptional condition! Let’s say I came across a great deal 🙂

How to choose a leather trench?

First of all it is a timeless piece of a wardrobe, it is important to choose it in a classic cut otherwise good looking old fashioned! Remember to take it with a belt to be able to have the choice to mark the size or not.

You must also pay attention to the choice of the color of your trench, if you want it to cross the time … prefer rather neutral colors.

I kiss you!


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