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5 November 2018
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I had not posted an article for a while because I was on holiday in Togo to see my family a bit. And that’s good! Fortunately for me I was full of sun given the temperature here!

Back in Paris this Wednesday, here is my new look with a long slit dress! This is a new variant of long dress after my post on the stylish long dress. I had prepared it before my departure but I did not have time to post it on my fashion blog. At first glance, you would say that this dress has a very classic cut or banal especially with its chocolate color.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice this slot on the side that makes it very special. I would even say that it is the element that made me crack for his purchase. I always liked dresses or skirts with a big slit on the side! I think I would have been able to add this slot to a seamstress if she was not there 🙂

This long slit dress is easy to wear when you are tall, you can add a wide belt to mark the size if you wish …

But when you are small, the choice of the long dress can be more difficult! There is the Asos sales site that classifies these dresses by category “small asos” is intended as the name suggests to small sizes. An effective pre-selection that will save you time. I promise you that I have not been sponsored for this article;)

I stylized my dress with snake print boots bought last winter at Mango but still “IN” this season, as we saw during street fashion week last month. This style of shoes is very fashionable!

Shop the look

The dress is unfortunately no longer available at Zara 🙁

I put you in link a similar dress- Long dress with straps and knot 79.90 euros to shopper HERE


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