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20 April 2018
comment porter le chapeau

If you follow me for a while, you know my love for hats 🙂 I discovered the hats of the brand Lack of color via other bloggers. It is an Australian brand that relies heavily on influencers to highlight its products, I say bravo because it is the most effective way to sell products to the greatest number today.

Because it’s enough that a very influential blogger put forward a product so that the other bloggers, of which I am part, also want it 🙂

Tonight, I just want to shove up! it happens to me from time to time lol! Even if I like their hats, what I reproach with this brand among others, it is not to put forward diversity!

If you look on their instagram or that of other brands, you will see that they rest only a certain type of bloggers … Attention my remark is not due to the jealousy with respect to my colleagues who live of their blogs, on the contrary I congratulate them because I know the work that it represents to arrive at this level (you can read my article and infographic Here)

For this photo, Lack of color made the effort to like and leave a comment … let’s say it’s already a start !!! I’m talking about this example to denounce these brands who want us to buy their products but without putting diversity forward!

I embrace you and do not hesitate to leave me your comments on the subject;)

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