• blogueuses-mode-parisiennes

    How to divert a vest? The fashion tip of the day

    Hello, It smells of Christmas in the streets and the shops! Have you noticed the decorations that are being installed? … I tell myself that the year has passed so quickly!…

    14 November 2018
  • blogueuse mode d' origine africaine

    Very elegant slit dress – Simple look idea

    Hello, I had not posted an article for a while because I was on holiday in Togo to see my family a bit. And that’s good! Fortunately for me I was full of sun…

    5 November 2018
  • blogueuse-looks-chic

    How to wear a leather trench?

    Hello, Do you remember my leather trench? I wore it already with blue jeans in my “leather trench and pumps“. Like what you need to change a small accessory (shoes for example :)) and…

    9 October 2018
  • Trench for mid season

    Hello, I hope you do not have the blues back to school, the feeling that summer is already far because it’s time to get back to work. If so, it seems that the best…

    5 September 2018
  • How to wear a yellow set Massimo Dutti?

    Hello, I asked myself the question “How to wear a yellow set without looking like a chick ?” Is it too daring? After my New York look or I wore a blazer and plain…

    30 August 2018
  • blog mode femme look avec chemise courte

    Zara crossed shirt with Chloé bag

    Hello ! This summer, we forget the lace chokers who have become nerdy in a very short time (remember my e-shop on tictail on which I proposed different models). Now place necklaces and bracelets…

    21 August 2018
  • Blog mode blogueuse noire looks

    2018 leopard print: shirt and pants set

    Hello, I hope you have a good holiday or maybe you prefer to leave out of season … We enjoy some days of rest on the “Grande Côte” at St Palais sur Mer in…

    17 August 2018
  • Blog mode famous french blogger looks

    Lioness dress and Alexander wang shoes

    Hello, I present you my second look of the week, on the same time as the look with “the white t-shirt Cos with a skirt with Leopard print”…

    27 July 2018
  • Cos white t-shirt with Leopard print skirt

    Hello, Wondering how to wear the leopard print? You’re right because it’s the new trend of this summer 🙂 You will find it declined from the top to the swimsuit. Besides, I had presented you with…

    23 July 2018

    Uniqlo dress and Danse Lente bag

    Hello friends, What’s planned for your weekend? Do not forget the World Cup match scheduled on Sunday 🙂 We will all be behind the French team unless you are Croatian;) I received good news…

    20 July 2018
  • modele tresses africaines

    Synthetic fiber locks MAMAROSE

    Hello, This week, I present you my new haircut😉 African braids glued that I had not had the opportunity to do for a long time. And the result is just too good! Make braids…

    1 July 2018

    T-shirt and wide jeans # Look4 NEW YORK

    Hello, That day, we went walking on the high line, which is a unique place in New York. It is actually an old line of railways that has been refurbished for a green space…

    30 May 2018
  • volcom x georgia may jagger

    Black top and mustard trouser # Look3 New York

    Hello, Here is my 3rd post in New York, after the one of the yellow strapless jumpsuit and the long fluid dress! I was in a happy mood for this ride among the skyscrapers,…

    22 May 2018
  • tendances combinaison

    ASOS strapless jumpsuit # Look1 New York

    Hi, Finally in New York! My adventures in video are available on my instagram Storie (travel file). For me, it’s just amazing to be in this city among the skyscrapers because a few months…

    12 May 2018
  • les babouches du maroc

    Stay in Marrakech

    We are finally in Marrakech! After our weekend in Brussels, we needed sun! This is my first trip to this Moroccan city that is booming tourism and deserves to be visited. It is located…

    9 April 2018
  • comment porter la jolie robe fleurie

    Summer floral dress – # look1 Marrakech

    Hello, After my article on my trip to Marrakech in my travel section, here is a little summer floral dress that I wore in the beautiful Moroccan city where we stayed 8 days. On…

    9 April 2018
  • friterie Bruxelles

    Weekend in Brussels

    At 3 hours drive from Paris and easily accessible by Thalys less than 1h30 in this case, a weekend in Brussels is the ideal European city to escape with friends or lovers. Here is…

    5 April 2018
  • comment porter le total look jean

    Total denim look

    Hello, How are you? Have you followed my Brussels adventures on instagram? I am preparing an article about things to see in a weekend in the European city:) … To be continued Let’s go…

    18 March 2018
  • ook-avec-combinaison-ete

    Fashion overall

    Hello, This week, I leave aside my obsession for trench coats to tell you about my pretty fashion overall from the new Galeries Lafayette Spring / Summer collection. For those who do not already know, Galeries…

    8 March 2018
  • les blogueuses mode françaises

    Leather trench and pumps

    Hello, What’s new this week? I’ve prepared for you a new classic look with my leather trench that you’ve already seen in one of my posts. I love it! This is one of my…

    4 March 2018
  • ensemble blazer et veste chic

    Blazer and Pants Set

    Hello, After my look with the mid-season Cos trenchcoat you’ve been a lot to love on my instagram, I present you another style just as elegant but more colorful and daring. The Blazer and…

    26 February 2018
  • look printemps 2018

    Mid-season trench

    Hello, Today, I propose a new look with this trench mid-season woman original! I find that the trench always gives an elegant style, so you can wear it very easily to go to work…

    24 February 2018
  • Zara thigh boots for a bold style

    Hello, Here I am back after my Sunday morning jogging! When you like to eat like me, it’s important to play sports to maintain your weight … What else is new for you this…

    18 February 2018
  • style doudoune

    The return of the padded jacket

    Hello ! I hope your week went well, I’m really happy to be at the weekend! My week was busy work but I wanted to introduce a little lookbook before the weekend.…

    17 February 2018
  • Blog mode les robes tendances hiver

    Midi dress red flower NA-KD

    Hello, After the snow, finally a beautiful sun here in Paris and this is the opportunity for me to introduce you to my pretty flower dress NA-KD. NA-KD is the trendy e-shop selling trendy…

    11 February 2018
  • Sweater & Other Stories

    Hello, Despite the rain, we were shot this look this afternoon because I want to submit a post at least once a week. Yes we are fashion blogger or we are not … In…

    11 February 2018
  • Long plaid coat at Beaugrenelle purple wall

    Hello! What’s new for you this week? I was too anxious to post you this series of photos that we had done last Sunday before the purple wall that everyone is talking to Beaugrenelle.…

    25 January 2018
  • les Manteaux tendances 2018

    Uniqlo original coat

    Hello, I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I was at the cinema to see Matt Damon’s latest film “Downsizing”! I did not understand anything about this film that had started so well 🙁 The…

    23 January 2018
  • Orange-yellow sweater and vinyl skirt

    A little color in this winter greyness! I chose for this look a yellow orange sweater and a vinyl skirt completed by my pair of converse … yes I do not hurt my feet…

    11 January 2018
  • blogueuse parisienne

    Uniqlo soft brown coat

    Happy New Year to everyone! I thank you for your loyalty throughout the year 2017 and wish the best to each of you! For me, 2017 has been a good year, my loved ones…

    5 January 2018

    Asymmetrical dresses for Christmas Eve

    Hello, I hope you had a happy Christmas with your family! I presented last week my selection of 10 dresses Asos for the evening of the eve in my Shopping section, my choice for…

    28 December 2017