How to divert a vest? The fashion tip of the day

14 November 2018


It smells of Christmas in the streets and the shops! Have you noticed the decorations that are being installed? … I tell myself that the year has passed so quickly!

Today with this look, I want to talk about diversion of clothing and more specifically how to divert a vest? You are wondering what this is;)

This is a fashion tip that I had already used in this article with this original Uniqlo coat that I had preferred to wear upside down.

It’s all about wearing a garment other than what it was designed for, like this wide waistcoat that I love. Normally, the buttons are in front but I decided to make a bare back. What I love is that we keep a certain freedom and that it allows to be creative.

If you are someone creative, it’s a way to express it, so let go 🙂 My fashion blog is for me the place where I can express this creation 🙂

Another advantage (and not least): it allows you to give a second life to your clothes. I wear this vest for years (see my article HERE) but just by wearing it upside down, I feel like I have something new on me!

You say it is a good idea given the temperature, I admit that I was cold but I like the result of this shooting. You can easily make this look at home. We all have a vest of this type in his wardrobe that can be worn as well;)

I kiss you!

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