Selection dresses for a wedding: DIOR princess dress and bag

3 May 2019


As you already know, we are in the middle of weddings. Besides this weekend, I will attend that of my girlfriend I know since high school to tell you that it’s been years. This is the first of my close friends who is getting married and I am very happy for her and the future bride. We will enjoy dancing until the end of the night …

You’re probably wondering if it’s the dress I planned to wear tomorrow;)

Absolutely not! Indeed this is not the theme chosen by the bride and groom and honestly this type of dress could almost make competition to the white dress of the bride. It would be a shame!

I chose this dress to feel princess half an hour and it is also an opportunity to make a selection of dress to attend a wedding.

The one I will wear tomorrow is in my list;) Can you find it?


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