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9 April 2018
les babouches du maroc

We are finally in Marrakech! After our weekend in Brussels, we needed sun! This is my first trip to this Moroccan city that is booming tourism and deserves to be visited. It is located only 2.5 hours from Paris and you will take even less time if you live in the south of France! For me it is one of the ideal destinations to change air and see some sun during the winter greyness.

Before you list the 10 things to do in Marrakech, I tell you about our hotel;) We stayed at the Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi, a 5-star hotel that has large rooms with balconies. And yes, the bedding is comfortable 🙂

We were lucky to have a view of one of the large tree-lined pools of the hotel, which is nice to wake up to. You can stay at the Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi with family, friends or for a business trip … moreover the hotel is less than 200 m from the congress center.

The breakfast is a buffet with lots of choices, salty and sweet. There is even a stand where you are prepared with the ingredients of your choice your omelette or fried eggs. The hotel also has several restaurants and a bar that will welcome you in the evening. As we were not in the middle of summer, we had the right to a big fire by the pool to enjoy our cocktail. Perfect to relax after a good day!

I forgot;) … The hotel staff will be at your service for all your requests.


Movenpick Hôtel Marrakech

It’s gone for the visit of the city! Here are the 10 things you need to see or do when you stay there …

The 10 things to do in Marrakech:

     1 – Marjorelle Garden, Yves Saint Laurent Museum:

This is one of the essential botanical gardens, you will see centenarian cacti and the blue house to make beautiful pictures. The garden belongs to the Pierre-Bergé Foundation – Yves Saint Laurent. Moreover, there is the museum that tells the life and work of the world-famous creator. It would be a shame to come to Marrakech without visiting this place.

The visit of the garden costs about 70 dirham or 6.30 € (to see the museum, it will add about fifty dirhams).

     2- The Souk

Do not get lost in the souk! It is full of hidden streets, you will be challenged by sellers of spices, babouches, jewelry, and bags … it’s an opportunity to bring a souvenir. Know that you must master “the art of haggling” prices ….

Tip: Do not hesitate to divide the asking price by the seller by two or three 🙂

     3-Place Jema El Fna

Take fresh orange juice at 4 dirhams or 0.40 cents on the place to cool off. You will not fail to hear the shouting call from vendors inviting you to come to their booths.

Pass among the snake charmers, monkeys and dancers of the place, be careful if you take a picture know that it is not free! They will claim you up to 200 dihrams it is expensive paid … the method is a bit aggressive.

Then have a drink in one of the cafes overlooking the square to enjoy the show and the sunset (before eating elsewhere …)

In the evening, the place is crowded and becomes the place to listen to storytellers, make some games for 5 dihrams … it’s worth a look!


4-The Bahia Palace 

A magnificent palace in the heart of the souk, you will fall in admiration in front of its marble and zellic courtyard. The fountain is surrounded by gardens of orange trees and grapefruit among others. The scents of this garden are incredible. Look up, there are things to see also at the ceilings. 

The visit costs 10 dirhams just 1 €.


     5-The Saadian Tombs

The place is quite small and includes the tombs of Saadians and their servants. The cupola is majestic but you can only contemplate it from the outside. Access costs 10 dirhams, barely 1 €.


     6-Hammam Spa

To escape the bustle of the souk, spend a moment of calm and relaxation at ALPHAIS SPA for a hammann / exfoliation and finish with a massage. (We chose 1 hour of massage!)

Address: Derb Lalla Zouina 4 – Riad Zitoun Jdid – Marrackech- mail – 00 2125 24 38 57 33

Do not forget to make an appointment 🙂

7-Taste the Moroccan cuisine 

It is not always easy to find or eat when you do not know the city. But at ZAZA, a restaurant that offers traditional Moroccan cuisine, we enjoyed this cuisine at reasonable prices (tajine 70 dirham 6.30 €)

Address: 21 Bab Ftouh Marrakech

Attention in the same street, there is a restaurant CINGFLEUR, I advise you to put the foot. A dirty place to avoid!

To avoid getting sick, do not forget your bottles of water and do not drink tap water …


     8-A drink at the hotel La mamounia 

Take a break for a drink at the Mamounia, the palace hotel has a tree-lined terrace and a beautiful garden for a cocktail or tea and then stroll through the park. From Saturday to Sunday, access is restricted and restricted to guests who reside there.

I advise you to go there the day to enjoy the garden.

Address: Hotel Palace La Mamounia- Avenue Bab Jnid -Marrakesh

     9-Drinking a drink in a hotel rooftop bar 

The hotel the pearl is located outside the ramparts of the Medina, far from the bustle of the souk and in the midst of luxury hotels. From rooftop </ strong>, you will have a nice view of the whole city and enjoy a cocktail.

Address: The Pearl Marrakech- Av Echouhada Hivernage- Marrakech


10- You have the possibility to make excursions from Marrakech:

1-To see the impressive waterfall of OUZOUD and its 110m of heights! When one is at the foot of waterfalls, the cloud of water formed by the falls is quite impressive! You have the opportunity to take a small boat to get closer even closer (for a few dirhams) A hike around the waterfall will be offered by a guide for 30 dirhams 3 €

The trip from Marrakech lasts 2h30 and costs 500 dirhams or 45 € for two people.

2-Or to visit the port city of Esssaouira , the beautiful city offers you the opportunity to spend a day at the beach after visiting the old city.

Have a nice trip!

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