Trench for mid season

5 September 2018


I hope you do not have the blues back to school, the feeling that summer is already far because it’s time to get back to work. If so, it seems that the best method is to start planning your next vacation;)

But the lucky ones who leave only now, enjoy!

We are entering a period where we do not really know how to dress! It’s cold in the morning and sometimes hot in the afternoon. I found the solution with this new look, a trench for mid season found at Uniqlo. This sign that I appreciate more and more, besides the t-shirt I wear also come from home. I took them in several colors …

If you want another idea trench, know that this is my 2nd trench for mid-season that I propose in my looks, remind you of my article “trench mid-season woman“.

With this mustard t-shirt, I chose a leopard print skirt found at & other stories (in size 38). The skirt is currently out but if you live in Paris you can find it in the store & other stories 277 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.

Sacrilege! Some people will hate the choice of my summer flip flops, others will say it gives a more natural look … I agree with them.

I accessorized my look with a new arrival in my wardrobe, the Paco Rabanne Chainmail bag that I found on the “vestiaire collectif” at 6 times cheaper than the original price. Carry business second hands do not bother me absolutely, on the contrary it is a good way to participate in recycling … my green time 🙂 or maybe it’s my wallet that speaks lol

I recommend you “vestiaire collectif” since my mishap on Ebay with a dishonest seller. The story is too long to tell but be aware that you should never pay by check or transfer but only by paypal to benefit from Ebay guarantee and it’s still an obstacle course. And never trust a seller who has a badge verify on this site!


I kiss you

Shop the look

Trench beige Uniqlo (similaire) Prix 129.90 € à shopper ICI


T-shirt Uniqlo Prix 9.90 euros à shopper ICI


Jupe Leopard Print Midi andotherstories Prix 69.00 euros à shopper ICI

idées jupe leopard

Sac Paco Rabanne

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