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18 December 2018
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This weekend I was able to see the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” which tells the story of the singer of the rock band Queen Farrohk Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury. A film that you must see absolutely especially if you are like me a big fan of this group which I do not stop listening to music. I really enjoyed the performance of Rami Malek who is exceptional in this role … a great actor! I was not one of the people who applauded at the end of a movie but this time if I did it you find it nil? 😉

Let’s go back to my look with this coat. With winter coming back, the trend of plush coats is back! Remember, I mentioned it in my article HERE a year ago already, we must believe that it is a trend that lasts.

I chose this one at MONKI, this mustard color I love it! So I made a little color recall with my Jonak lace-up boots.

Why do we like this plush coat?

  • For its color that is out of the ordinary and makes us forget the grisaille
  • He is sweet and cozy
  • and can be worn easily every day
  • Happy shopping my loves!

I kiss you!

Shop the look

Manteau MONKI 70 euros à shopper ICI

Manteau style max mara

Bottines Jonak à 155 euros à shopper ICI


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