Should one dress in a thrift shop?

18 December 2018


Have you been able to do your Christmas shopping with yellow vests demonstrations perhaps like me, you preferred to order some of your gifts on the internet? In any case Christmas is fast approaching and it is now or never that you have to make your purchases in order to receive them in time … This is not to put pressure on you lol

Today I do not present you dresses in sequins😉 Are you a little disappointed? I understand you because my last look was top from your comments even if some would not dare Dr. Martens. But do not forget that in my post I would suggest two options 🙂

The title of this new post is “Should I dress in a thrift store?” because there is no news that you find in stores but a leather jacket and levis jeans found at freepstar respectively 1 euros and 20 euros. If I find the price of jeans Levis normal second hand against this pretty jacket 1 euro is a shock for me!

You do not find this price crazy? The proof that one can dress in a thrift shop and leave chic. I forgot the bag is also second hand bought on ebay but as I had a little problem with the seller since I no longer buy on ebay luxury bags but for the rest it’s fine. In short defects appeared quickly on this bag but in photo it is not seen fortunately.

FYI, my jeans is a levis 525 model that is no longer sold on the Levis website but you can watch on ebay or etsy.

Here is the address of the thrift shop :

Freepstar – 61 rue de la Verrerie – 75003 PARIS

Otherwise here are some similar ones below that are not at the same price 🙁

Shop the look


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