Summer floral dress – # look1 Marrakech

9 April 2018
comment porter la jolie robe fleurie


After my article on my trip to Marrakech in my travel section, here is a little summer floral dress that I wore in the beautiful Moroccan city where we stayed 8 days.

On the program, walk in the old town where I wore this long flowered dress from Forever 21 to bring out the colors of the souk. During my walk in the souk, I bought skin “babouches” hard-negotiated 🙂 I took them in a sober color to be able to return once back in Paris. And before my departure, I made braids to be able to be quiet in the mornings, you see what I mean;) the hair chore in the morning is to avoid …

I love wearing this type of colorful dress, I had already presented a particular in this article.

We were lucky to have had up to 28 degrees at the end of March, this is an opportunity to complete my look with my red hat from lackofcolor, I love their hats but unfortunately this model is no longer available because it is from the old collection.

Wondering who are taking these beautiful pictures? it’s my darling. it’s the most natural way if you have a blog that the people you love support you in this project because they know it makes you feel good 🙂 I’m lucky to be able to count on him.

Kisses and good week!

Ps: my beautiful watch comes from the website klasse14 for sale HERE

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