Summer pajama set: chic and cheap to sleep well

25 February 2019


Here is the first look that I post from the Dominican Republic where we are currently on vacation on the side of the Samana Peninsula to refuel. I heard that the weather was nice in France, even if it’s not the same heat, I’m happy not to be the only one to enjoy it;)

For this look, I wear a set flowered summer pajamas, yes you read me 🙂 I found on the H & M site at 19.90 euros but since the price has risen to 29.90 euros .. I do not know why but I’m glad I did not pay the extra 10 euros! You know that I am a specialist of sets … denim sets, costumes sets I have several of them see one of my articles HERE but I do not get tired.

A set that is made to sleep but that I wear outside so I feel good inside. This set summer pajamas can thus have a double utility in addition to the material is very pleasant under the skin … I kiss you!


Shop the look

Ensemble Pyjama fleuri à 29,90 euros à shopper ICI

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