Uniqlo original coat

23 January 2018
les Manteaux tendances 2018


I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I was at the cinema to see Matt Damon’s latest film “Downsizing”! I did not understand anything about this film that had started so well 🙁 The story of a man who is shrinking to save the planet and improve his standard of living.Original but the following part a little in every way. ..damage! The film lasts about 2 hours and I even saw spectators leave the room.

In short, let’s go back to the main subject of this blog!

I spoke to you in one of my articles of the plush coat which is the very trendy piece of the moment. Today I present you another original coat of the same style resulting from a hijacking;)

Do you remember my Uniqlo coat last week? With this same soft brown coat uniqlo I redone a look by wearing it upside down 🙂 If you buy it know that it is not made for that at first and it will be necessary to think about cutting the labels . I admit that I find the idea quite funny and that I really like to find diversions to clothes.

This allows to really have a unique piece that can do its little effect. It has raised a lot of questions in recent days;)

Finally, I prefer the lapel of the coat that I find more beautiful!

Good recovery!

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