3 May 2019
look chic avec un trench-coat en cuir


It’s time to get back to reality by posting a Parisian look like this with my trench coat and jeans Levis 🙂 You’ve already seen several times Jeans Levis 501 that I love! Sometimes it is enough that I roll up the bottom to give it another look …

I’m a big fan of Levis jeans especially those with a vintage cut, for that I do a lot of thrift shops to find them. In this connection, I made a special article on thrift stores. Currently I’m looking for levis jeans flared down. I have a hard time finding them but I persevere … The goal is to cut then to make a short pants that I will then wear with open shoes, I already have the look in mind … In short let me know if you have shops or thrift stores to advise me;)

To prepare this post, I came out one of my vintage leather trench with a cut close to the body and flared (do not tell me that it makes you think about the trench of Keanu Reeves in Matrix) not nothing to see. This jacket is shorter and is much easier to wear 🙂

I find this incredible trench and gives immediately a Parisian look. What do you think ?

It is even possible to put it in the form of dress directly with high heels!

I kiss you and good week to all!

Ps: To shop the bag used is on the link HERE

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